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Tailored warehouse storage solutions

At Penwright Supply, our team in Enfield have a wide range of warehouse storage solutions to help you sort out your stock. Order online or contact our team in London to arrange a free site visit.

Make the most of your storage space

The right storage can make a significant difference, avoiding issues with floor level storage and optimising warehouse space and usage. Our team in Enfield have been looking after businesses across Greater London for more than 30 years and can design and install a custom setup that sorts out all your storage issues. Get in touch to find out more.

Warehouse Shelving

This generally comprises short-span bays housing a number of shelves from which products are usually hand-picked. Shelving can be built as single-tier, multi-tier or high-rise systems. It can also be built in mobile systems to increase storage density.

Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse Racking

Generally comprises wider span, and deeper bays to store bulkier, longer or awkward objects. It is often therefore heavier duty. Racking can also be built as single-tier, multi-tier or high-rise systems, and can be mobilised to increase storage density.

Warehouse Racking

Warehouse Pallet Racking

Warehouse Pallet Racking is specifically for the storage of pallets loaded and unloaded by forklift trucks, cranes or mechanical pickers.

Warehouse Pallet Racking
Shelving units 2

Penwright Supply have more of shelving solutions you want in your warehouse.

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