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Ring-binder files sitting on shelves in an office

Effective office storage solutions

We can help you with office storage solutions so you can get back to BAU, ASAP. Contact Penwright Supply in Enfield, and let us look after your London based business.

Create a flexible office space

The key to keeping up with clients is an organised office space. Our team in Enfield offer a range of commercial storage products, available in both static and mobile format, to companies across London. Ideal for the office, library and archive environments, our systems are specifically designed to accommodate all file types and storage media.

Our Commercial Shelving

Mobile Shelving

This generally comprises short-span bays housing a number of shelves from which products are usually hand-picked. Shelving can be built as single-tier, multi-tier or high-rise systems. It can also be built in mobile systems to increase storage density.

Mobile Shelving

Static Shelving

Our static shelving is highly customisable, adaptable and scalable. Ideal for open storage, our durable static systems are designed and manufactured to meet your storage requirements.

Static Shelving
Shelving units 2

The home of effective office storage in London -

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