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Large file cabinet in an office

Sleek, stylish storage walls

Storage walls are a great way to maximise storage, divide rooms and display products. Penwright Supply install across Enfield and Greater London, just give us a call and we’ll arrange a free quote.

Are storage walls worth it?

The need for storage space within the office often conflicts with interior aesthetics. Storage walls address this limitation by improving the use of available space while still blending in with existing finishes.

These practical work solutions can be used to add extra storage to corridors and communal areas, dividers or even an office within an office. It’s about what’ll work best for you.

Key features & benefits

As the name implies storage walls can be used to divide office space whilst providing integral storage. They can be built to full ‘room dividing’ specification with the inclusion of built-in noise and fire insulation for added performance and safety. Speak to Penwright Supply and find the perfect configuration for your company.

Storage wall specifications

  • A range of standard sized modules are available, generally built to full ceiling height

  • Alternatively fully bespoke installations are available

  • Lower height matching modules are available to maintain open plan

  • Internal fittings and accessories suit all possible applications

Shelving units 2

Speak to Penwright Supply about installing some storage walls.

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