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Don’t worry, our business relocation service can sort it

Whatever the reason you’re changing premises, speak to Penwright Supply in Enfield. Our relocation service ensures that your new set up is suitable and ready for you to start trading.

Prepare your new premises

When you feel you have outgrown your existing facilities contact us first for advice on how to ensure your existing equipment is fully utilised. Once you have decided that relocation is necessary we will make sure that the best use is made of any existing equipment before new is recommended. Then trust us to handle your relocation with a minimum of disruption to your ongoing business.

It starts with storage

In any industry, time is money. It’s why it’s so important that when you relocate you can hit the ground running. Our team in Enfield have worked with some of London’s leading companies including Debenhams, Hermes, Burberry and the Met Police to make sure that their premises are designed for optimal performance.

Set your business up to succeed

Chances are that if you’re moving into new premises, it’s not going to meet your exact requirements. We can fit mezzanine floors, add additional storage and carry out any repairs to create a space that’s designed to suit you. We can fully manage every part of your project so simply get in touch and let us know what you need.

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Our business relocation service can make sure it’s ready for you to move in.

Call Penwright Supply in North London on 020 8880 1919

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