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Mobile storage solutions that maximise space

At Penwright Supply, our team in Enfield help clients across London to make the most of their workspace. To find out more about our range of mobile storage solutions, talk to a member of our team today.

Create a flexible office space

Versatility and agility. If you’re trying to run a business in London, you have to be good at both if you want to get anywhere. It comes down to being organised and our mobile storage solutions are designed with this in mind. At Penwright Supply, our team in Enfield offer products to maximise the use of your available storage space. Our multipurpose solutions are fully scalable and can accommodate various types and sizes of items. Have a look at some of our storage options below.

  • Our commercial duty mobile shelving generally uses the Sysco office shelving system on the Bruynzeel mobile base

  • Our industrial duty mobile shelving can use any of our shelving and racking systems on the Bruynzeel mobile base

Mobile Storage Solutions

Shelving units 2

Because mobile storage matters. Especially in London.

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