TOT Shirts


Storage of:

TOT Shirts Limited - London , a specialist in T - Shirt Design, Print & Supply needed extra storage space for their raw materials. Consultations with Penwright Supply's Designer established that the portal framed building had sufficient height to accommodate a mezzanine level. 

The requirement of ensuring unhindered access to the warehouse from the adjacent manufacturing / printing areas, via a number of access doors to the rear of the proposed mezzanine position, was critical in the design of the mezzanine. Strut bracing, used to provide stability to the 140sq/m typical storage floor, minimised obstructions at ground level.

The mezzanine support columns were positioned to provide access into the warehouse next door, and the structural design ensured that beam deflection was in accordance with British regulations. 

Personnel access to the mezzanine level is via two staircases, and Containerised materials are lifted to the storage level via a pallet truck, which deposits materials through a pallet gate with safety features.