London Borough of Camden


Storage of:

London Borough of Camden required a smart compact solution to their filing problem that blended into newly refurbished administration offices complimenting the highly aesthetic office furniture that was planned. The solution also needed to provide some level of security.

Quantities of Lever Arch Files and numbers of 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets were given along with the available spaces within the offices.

Using this information and Dexion Bruynzeel's own AOC software, the Penwright Team were able to accommodate LBC's needs using Compactus Office Mobile without any disruption to the existing floor.

Loads were checked and once satisfactory the system was laid straight down on the computer floor and levelled.

A suitable proportion of the bays were fitted with Vertical Pull-Out Filing frames that meant existing files could be transferred from 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets without any additional expense, to the client, in purchasing replacement filing pockets.

The fact that the solution was mobile meant that the overall footprint was vastly reduced, in each case, and a system lock was requested by LBC to enable each system to be secure when closed.

London Borough of Camden have requested a number of additional Compactus Systems from Penwright Supply Limited.