Over the past 9 years Penwright Supply Limited have been providing Debenhams Retail Plc storage solutions for "Back of House" Stockrooms and "Off-Site" Stockrooms country wide.

The basis has been Dexion Impex in all its forms - single tier, multi-tier and mobile.
Comprising "Flatpack" storage and "Hanging Garment" storage, offering flexibility between the two, due to Impex being convertible from one to the other easily and quickly whilst insitu, following required stock changes and season trends.

Dexion Impex has been used successfully by Debenhams over the past 40 years outlasting all other systems, with installations still in place and standing up to the everyday / night heavy use Debenhams require.

Also due to Dexion Impex being so quick and easy to install we have carried out many relocation jobs for Debenhams such as moving installations from "Back of House" locations to Purpose Designed "Off-Site" locations to free-up space for further required valuable shop floor selling space.

The service that Penwright Supply Limited carry-out for Debenhams is a Full Analysis of current storage taking into account the different types and linear metres of stock being stored and how to increase ease and speed of picking.

This information is used to assist on the size and kind of warehouse / stockroom required to provide a new and improved storage solution inputting forecast stock increases and future expansions over projected years, which includes the introduction of New Debenhams Shop Opening Schedule.

In our analysis we consider the re-use of existing Dexion alongside new required Dexion to minimise expenditure.
The Basingstoke Distribution Centre is one such example:

Utilising the headroom of this amazing newly built 3800 m 2 (40,000 sq.ft.) Warehouse, we relocated a Dexion Impex 2-Tier with Reversible Incline Belt Conveyor that we installed for Debenhams to another location 6 years previous. We then added racking and married Mezzanine Floors for large walkways and holding areas, all with Debenhams approved Galvanised Steel Open Tread Decking giving a bright and open feel to the stockroom whilst being trolley friendly!

Penwright enlisted the help of a Goods Lift specialist, who designed and installed a new Goods Only Lift to cope with the high volume of stock holding / movement requirement.

Andy Williams (Debenhams Distribution Centre Manager) said, "We wanted to achieve a Debenhams Flagship Distribution Centre. We feel this has been met and exceeded."

Penwright Supply are proud and happy to have been a helping part of this project.